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  • Page 10: What to do in the first hour in order to take a member from ‘Sign-up’ to ‘Fully-Engaged’ as fast as possible.
  • Page 23: How to build an "Iron Fence" around your members so they feel welcomed and safe in your community.
  • Page 31: The 5-C Model of marketing and how it can help your grow your membership to numbers you wouldn't believe!
  • Page 33: The secret to defining "Who is in your crowd" that no one is talking about but makes all the difference when you start promoting your group.
  • Page 36: The one thing your MUST do to make your new members feel at home in your group so they never want to leave.
  • Page 45: My secret formula for 10Xing members accountability. Nail this and you'll have a steady stream of income for years to come!
  • Page 51: The three rules you must follow when someone wants to cancel your membership that will have them going from "I wanna quit" to "I'm so glad I stayed!"
  • Page 57: The dreaded "C" word that all memberships hate and how you can easily overcome all of its pitfalls.
  • Page 63: The two step process to retention rates so insane, you'll blink twice when you see the numbers!
  • Page 69: How to use service opportunities within your membership to cement your relationship with your members and their relationships to each other.
  • Page 71: The silent membership killer and what you can do to stop it from destroying your membership.
  • Page 77: How to use an Engagement Tripwire to get your members actually using your membership and getting value out of it from Day 1.
  • Page 81: The best all-time (but least used) method to multiply your membership and how you can do it over and over again to the same great result.

Dan Kennedy, Founder of No BS Inner Circle

"Scott Whitaker has neatly consolidated the vital truths and fundamentals about what I call "the membership concept," which I have have used for my own fortune and for countless clients. His advice is drawn from solid, successful experience, not theory. To be a member, it must mean something and that meaning must be systematically reinforced. Scott knows this!"

Kim Walsh-Phillips, Powerful Professionals

“In just the first 30 minutes of going through Scott’s program, we were able to multiply our membership revenue path more than 300%!!”

Oli Billson, Founder of Oliver Billson Marketing

“Following our chat in Phoenix, I decided to put on one of these small two day workshops that we spoke about, with the idea of paying $97 upfront and $397/ trial membership. And in just over two weeks we managed to sign up 30 new members from the workshop. To use my time effectively, before I speak at Bill Glazer’s event. So, thanks so much for the idea dude, I really do appreciate you.”

Shawn Buck, Founder The Newsletter Pro

"Any membership business knows the importance of monthly recurring revenue. However, most struggle to increase their MRR month over month. Just follow Scott’s simple advice and you’ll accelerate your recurring revenue, get more members and have a solid membership business."

Todd Tramonte, Real Estate Coach

"Scott Whitaker is a membership master! He gave me two tips in under five minutes that helped double our monthly membership revenue. Double! No bull, it is twice what it was and climbing. Scott is battle tested and knows his stuff. Give him a peak at your business, but only if you want to grow.”

Adams Hudson, President

"Your guidance and coaching there was invaluable.
I’m proof positive that a membership program has real, calculable, closing-table value that goes far beyond the empty echoes of “… a really good reputation”. Memberships are worth money today, every month thereafter, and then they multiply again when you go to sell your business... In my case the value created was well into 7 figures. Thank you for your continued guidance."

Nelson Searcy, Founder of The Renegade Pastors Network and Church Leader Insights

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this network wouldn’t exist without Scott Whitaker. After hearing me say for years that I wanted to build a network for renegade pastors, he finally cornered me (literally) in a hotel lobby in Southern California and told me it was time to put action behind my words (at least that’s what I heard him say; I’m sure he was more tactful). Two months later, The Renegade Pastors Network was born. Thank you, Scott!”

Why Listen To Scott About Growing Your Membership?

Scott’s strategic mind and use of membership multipliers have been growing and building membership businesses regardless of their niche. He is the founder of Membership Multipliers where he coaches membership business owners on how to get more members, increase retention and multiply their profits.
He is the author of “Triple Your Membership in 21 Days… and Do It Over and Over Again Toolkit” and “Why People Quit Your Membership and What You Can Do About It.”

Scott has led membership organizations in both non-profit and for profit companies since 1997. He’s noted for having built one of largest for profit coaching networks; growing from just 72 members a year to over 3,000 members a year.

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I'm spilling the beans here on all of my closely guarded secrets. Now a smart person would ask why I'm willing to give all of that expertise away for free (if you don't mind helping me out with the shipping, of course). Well, let me tell you, I'm giving this away free because I am sick and tired of so many people trying to start a membership business that would actually help their members and failing because they don't know the simple things that need done in order to get new members and keep those members around.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone tell me "Oh membership sites don't actually make money, you're chasing a fool's dream." I got so fed up with it that I wrote a book about it to finally set the record straight. And now you get to benefit because I want everyone to know exactly how to grow their membership.
I'm trying to change the world, one membership at a time, and the best way to do that is to give you the exact tools you need, for FREE, to get your message out to as many people as possible.

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